Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily suitable for all adults who want to improve their physical performance in a simple, professional manner. You can find more information in our knowledge database.

The EasyMotionSkin is a virtually universal training device. Over 90% of your muscles can be activated simultaneously using the various frequencies and simulation times.

This provides almost unlimited training opportunities. As a performance athlete, based on training requirements set by your professional trainer, as a recreational athlete, based on your own power reserves, as a non-athlete, simply by even movement combined with activation/stimulation.

Increase your training results manifold using the additional stimulation which you can control and target by muscle group.
A walk becomes a marathon, cycling becomes extra strength training, etc…

Intensive strength training is carried out with virtually no real weights, omitting the dangerous pressure on joints and spinal discs. Even house cleaning or shopping can be turned into a proper training session with EasyMotionSkin. Circulation is stimulated, fat-burning promoted, the back strengthened and muscular imbalances evened out.

Your trainer will recommend the best personal training options for you with a mix of private and regularly supervised training sessions for optimum results.

EasyMotionSkin is a very intensive training device which should only be used after instruction. You wouldn’t drive a Formula 1 car without the proper training, would you?

We therefore have professional distributors of Studios, personal trainers and certified partners to provide you with the best possible service. You can find a certified partner near you by using our Studio finder.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and we will inform you of your nearest approved distributor.

To contact and support contacts

The EasyMotionSkin consists of your personal MotionSkin, a PowerBox (with charging device) and the app for IOS devices from the Apple App Store. The EasyMotionSkin can be managed via your iPhone and/or iPad.

We have a broad, daily growing network of professional trainers, studios, therapists and rehab centres where you can try out the system and receive competent advice.

Choose a professional contact from our Studio finder or write to us and we will inform you of your nearest distributor.

In principle, an EasyMotionSkin is an EasyMotionSkin – regardless of whether for studios or private training.

With a Studio, each training session is overseen by professional, trained personnel. Therefore, the Studio has increased software demands, for example being able to save customers and their training successes in the system. Studio requires a commercially unlimited user licence. Specialist trainers & therapists can set their own programmes and a little more performance can be achieved with the Studio. Studios also include the relevant accessories such as a vest solution, marketing support, floor stands and much more…

The EasyMotionSkin private edition is only intended for one or a maximum of 2 people with an additional licence. It consists of simplified trainer registration and a personal PowerBox, and you receive a step-by-step training program to slowly but surely attract new customers once trained.

Currently, the StudioEdition app is only controllable via tablets with iOS operating system.

We have opened up new distribution channels in the area of EMS training with the EasyMotionSkin. Trainers and studios will be able to move their consulting competence to the fore in future since every customer can purchase their own EasyMotionSkin. This taps into new target groups and the financial burden of investing in EMS devices and accessories is significantly reduced for studio owners and personal trainers.

We give distributors the option of selling the EasyMotionSkin for private training (B2C) and EasyMotionSkin Studio packages for commercial use and high-performance sport (B2B), generating attractive commissions as well as long-term training and support services.

Are you interested in become a distributor? Write to us!

In most instances where a channel is not “green”, the reason is either uneven placement of the electrodes on the skin and/or a lack of heat from warming up. In addition, the correct fit of the electrode cables on the EasyMotionSkin must be checked.

The correct fit of the MotionSkin and the warming up of the body are extremely important. Correct placement and warming up are very important. Depending on your form on the day, your circulation requires between 10 seconds and 5 minutes to warm up. For people with low body fat levels, technical failures are very rare and a generally caused by extreme overstretching of the material or incorrect maintenance.

This can be easily checked:

  • Place the MotionSkin flat on a table and connect the PowerBox as though you were going to wear the MotionSkin.
  • Start up the app and connect the PowerBox
  • All of the channel displays are now red. You are currently not wearing the MotionSkin and your skin is not producing a connection.
  • Take the two electrodes of the affected channel (e.g. neck left & right) and press the black surfaces together.
  • The app display should first turn grey (measurement process) and then green.

Using this method, you can quickly and easily check each channel yourself in case of doubt. If the channel does not turn green when testing, please contact our support service.

We naturally provide a statutory warranty for our systems. The customer is however also obliged to properly check their own system upon receipt and always handle with care.

The system’s electrodes are consumables and must be properly handled as a high-tech product. If handled incorrectly, this can lead to basic repair no longer being possible and you will need to purchase a new MotionSkin or individual electrodes for the vest systems.

Please read the care instructions in the user guide and see our support videos for handling MotionSkins and vests.

Your contact partner in the event of a technical problem or potential warranty claims is the distributor from whom you acquired the product.

We require more detailed information from you. Please contact your distributor from whom you acquired/purchased the system. A solution will be found much quicker using this direct channel.

General information:

The app requires:

  • all open apps on the iOS device to be closed and the system completely switched off, wait for 5 minutes, then restart.


  • Your iOS system should always be kept up-to-date. Check Apple for any necessary updates

Reinstall the app:

  • If the app continues to have problems, delete it and re-download the app from the App Store.


  • Observe the user instructions for your Apple device. It may be helpful to restore the Apple device to its factory settings and reconfigure it.

You need a warmed up body for training. Drink a large glass of water or juice prior to training to ensure enough fluids in your body. The electrodes must be placed flat and correctly on the skin. If areas of the body are not sufficiently warmed up, the electrodes cannot make full contact with the skin and therefore also the muscle. If transmissions cannot take place across the entire electrode surface, and only in small areas, the voltage concentrates on these smaller areas and will feel like a prickling sensation. Continue to warm up by actively moving and begin with the body parts which are already sufficiently warm. The “cooler” areas of your body will quickly catch up and the “prickling” will cease.

If electrodes do not lie closely and correctly, use the flexible velcro straps provided on these areas.

Store your MotionSkin suit at room temperature to allow the electrodes to activate as quickly as possible.

The EasyMotionSkin measures the flow of stimulation through your muscle groups using resistance measurement. Once a muscle group is “warm” enough, meaning a proper flow, this muscle group will be enabled for stimulation.

Without this safety feature, training would be less comfortable for the first few minutes. Muscle parts with lower blood flow or less tissue, such as the neck, sometimes require a little longer.

Ensure sufficient fluid levels in your body, a proper warm up and correct placement of the electrodes.

Store your MotionSkin suit at room temperature to allow the electrodes to activate as quickly as possible.

The EasyMotionSkin also has a safety feature here. If an electrode is not fully placed on the skin during dynamic exercise, the current is selectively transferred. This “prickling” or “stinging” is particularly unpleasant at higher intensities.

The EasyMotionSkin continually monitors the current and if this suddenly changes, the affected channel immediately reduces to 1% or half of its set intensity. Once it is repositioned, the affected channel can be manually connected. Adapt your dynamic movements to the possibilities of the system and use the belt supplied if required to avoid loosening during the workout session.

A technical failure is very rare and is usually caused by a massive overstretching of the material or incorrect care. This can be easily tested:

  1. Lay the MotionSkin flat on a table and connect the Powerbox as if you were wearing the MotionSkin.
  2. Start the app, pair the PowerBox
  3. Now all channel displays are red. You are not currently wearing the MotionSkin and your skin cannot connect.
  4. Take the two electrodes of the relevant channel (example neck left & amp; right) and press the black areas directly onto one another.
  5. Now the display of the app should first switch to gray (measurement process) and then switch to green.

In this way, you can quickly and easily test each channel yourself in case of doubt. If the channel does not switch to green during this test, please contact our Support .

The perception of an unequal electrical impulse can be explained by the different electrical resistances of the muscles being perfused. This can be remedied by moving the electrode slightly horizontally and / or vertically on the respective muscle. This means that the muscle belly is optimally perfused again and the impulse is perceived as best as possible.

A technical fault in the MotionSkin or the PowerBox can be ruled out, as an electrical impulse is equally strong on both sides.