EasyMotionSkin - Wireless EMS Training


The ultralight MotionSkin combines the most advanced materials and technologies. The MotionSkin fits tightly to all major muscle groups. Thanks to it´s elastic high-tech fibers it fits for static and dynamic training sessions.

Patented dry electrodes

Patented dry electrodes allow optimum conductivity of the impulse without additional moisture.


The PowerBox forms the heart of the system, and the powerhouse of the EasyMotionSkin. A series of advanced innovations inside the PowerBox are what make wireless EMS training possible today.

The easy way to get in shape!

EasyMotionSkin uses the latest technology to enable easy and efficient training.

Experience the strengths of EasyMotionSkin


High intensity, effective EMS training


Innovative product design


Wireless Bluetooth® technology


Intelligent, user-friendly App control


Long-life Lithium ion battery


Ultralight MotionSkin made of antibacterial high-tech fibers


Functional dry electrodes with no external moistening


More than 30 scientifically developed programmes


Innovative vest available as an additional or alternate accessory

Area of application: EasyMotionSkin uses the effective method of electromyostimulation or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) for high-intensity training sessions. EasyMotionSkin is a highly efficient training system for exclusive use in the fitness area. EasyMotionSkin is not suitable for therapeutic use.

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Impact of EMS training

Numerous studies and scientific papers document the beneficial effects of EMS training. Find out why you should give it a try in our Knowledge Base.

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A steadily growing sales network is on hand to assist you in every way should you choose to purchase a System.

Hear the voices of our fans

EasyMotionSkin is used by numerous professional athletes and celebrities.

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About EasyMotionSkin

Our professional team was made up of experts from various disciplines to develop a unique EMS product.

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