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Experience fully dynamic EMS training — anytime, anywhere. Easy EMS training can only take place by using the numerous innovations the EasyMotionSkin system has to offer.

Get your own EMS system now - individually and flexibly with our rental, installment plan or purchase offers.

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Entering the world of EMS training has never been so attractive!

Get your own EMS system now - individually and flexibly with our rental, installment plan or purchase offers.

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Free and dynamic training

With EasyMotionSkin you can carry out EMS training anytime, anywhere. The EMS system amplifies any training stimulus with finely adjustable impulses and enables an efficient workout. Everyone can take advantage of proper EMS training at home by using EasyMotionSkin. The System can also be used on holiday, when travelling, or in a studio of your choice whilst training like the professionals.

Train whenever and wherever you want

Get your own personal EasyMotionSkin and turn yourself from a competitive athlete into a top athlete or from a couch potato into a fitness fan. You continue to decide which training is good for you - strength, endurance, speed, dynamic, etc. The principle of the training remains the same, but it becomes more efficient and more intensive!

Acquire your own EasyMotionSkin HomeEdition and enjoy EMS training at home or anywhere in the world, just as you wish.


Weight and fat reduction
Gain in speed, sprint time, jumping power
Improved posture by strengthening the muscle corset
Optimized metabolism
Increase in endurance
Cosmetic effects through body tightening
Release of muscle tension
Increased wellbeing and motivation
Strengthening the bones by increasing the bone density
Better resistance to stress and regeneration
Anti-aging effect by stimulating hormone production

EasyMotionSkin HomeEdition 

World’s Smallest Gym


The ultralight MotionSkin now makes a new, free way of EMS training possible. It combines advanced technology and modern materials in a minimalistic product design we are proud of.


The PowerBox forms the heart of the system, and the powerhouse of the EasyMotionSkin. Connected to the iOS & Android via Bluetooth, it controls the strength of the pulse, the processes for the programmes and the control measurements, and facilitates wireless operation.


The intuitive user interface on the iOS & Android App makes controlling your EMS training with the EasyMotionSkin easy. From the moment you login to when you end your training, the App focuses on the essentials and is easy to adjust. As you are using it, the App offers you explanations and tips to help you in your training.