The long-established EMS training has already been used daily in high-performance sports and rehabilitation. The Easy Motion Skin® takes this further and enhances the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. Professional EMS training for private use – at any time and place – is a luxury only Easy Motion Skin® customers can enjoy. Listen to what well-known TV personalities and high-performance athletes have to say about this innovation…

Ralf Moeller


„Fantastic technology that delivers impressive results in both professional sports and everyday fitness.“

Manuel Charr

Professional boxer

„Easy Motion Skin® is going to
take me all the way to a
world championship.“

Sylvie Meis

Model and presenter

“I have been a fan of EMS for many years. With the Easy Motion Skin® I can now finally train efficiently when I am travelling.“

Christina Hammer

Professional boxer

„With Easy Motion Skin, I can put new training stimuli, the intensity increases and the muscles are more stressed.“

Markus Brier

Professional Golfer

„I train and regenerate with Easy Motion Skin® – not just for the drive!“

Peter Stöger

Soccer Coach of 1. FC Köln

“During the season, I use Easymotionkin twice a week. Two units, 20 minutes each. This is convenient because I can train at home and its very easy to use.“

Carmen Geiss

TV star, fitness trainer and Miss Fitness 1982

“For me the Easy Motion Skin® is a very attractive and dynamic addition to my own Kibootan® programme.“

Robert Geiss

TV star and self-made millionaire

“With the Easy Motion Skin® I can build my muscles without even having to lift heavy weights.”

Wolfgang Kindl

Professional luge athlete

„Easy Motion Skin® was my companion to two World Championship titles in 2017. Do I have to say more?“

Sonja Zietlow

TV presenter

“For me the Easy Motion Skin® is the pefect device for training. Be it at home or on the beach in Australia, it is easy to stay fit.”

Heather Mills

Paralympic athlete

„She lost her left lower leg in an accident and became an ambassador of the Paralympics.

Heather Mills integrates Easy Motion Skin into her training programs the prepare for the Paralympics 2018 in South Korea.“

Giulia Siegel

TV actor, actress, model, DJ and mother of 3 children

“Another round sport made during housework. You have to test it!! #feelgood #stayfit #easymotionskin”

Andreas Gabalier

Austrian folk rock’n’roll singer

“I used to drag myself to the gym to work out.“ … “Today I have a special suit, easymotionskin.com, which reduces the training time enormously.“


EMS pioneer, entrepreneur and fitness coach

“I have my small gym always with me because a good muscle is the basis for everything else life.”

Verena Wriedt

TV & DTM presenter

“As a working woman and mother who travels a lot, the  Easy Motion Skin® is a true revelation. It is simple and can be used anywhere – perfect!”

Ludger Beerbaum

Show jumper

„I’m an enthusiastic
user of
Easy Motion Skin®.“

Philipp Weishaupt

Show jumper

„I exercise regularly with Easy Motion Skin® and am thrilled by this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone.“

Arnold Gjergjaj

Professional boxer

“As an athlete, you immediately realize that it makes great sense to train with Easy Motion Skin®. I recommend it to every athlete or hobby sportsman.”

Leo Hillinger

Celebrity winemaker and judge on TV show “2 Minuten – 2 Millionen” on PULS4

“With the Easy Motion Skin® there is now a great professional EMS training system available to everyone. I am really impressed and can absolutely recommend it.“

David Graf

Baden-Württemberg Boxing Club fighter competing at Rio 2016

“With the Easy Motion Skin® I can optimise my core strength and explosive power ahead of the 2016 Olympics.“

Ensar Hajder

Olympion and German Champion for 4x100m Medley

“For me the Easy Motion Skin® is the perfect addition to my training regime as I prepare for the 2016 Olympics.“

Zoltán Magyari & Angéla Moravcsik

Hungarian professional athletes

The successful Hungarian javelin throwers use the Easy Motion Skin® for balanced muscle training.