EMS Training with cardiac insufficiency

Patients with heart failure
Patients with impaired cardiac functioning are ideal candidates for training using the EasyMotionSkin. For comparison, see the extensive studies from the North Rhine-Westphalia Heart Centre; Fritzsche, van Buuren. To improve metabolism, the methods used in conventional training regimens would put too much strain on people suffering from heart failure, which is why these participants were the ones who benefited the most from EMS training since they could reap the benefits without over-exerting themselves. Tip: Be aware of the associated contraindications!

Patients with infarction
Patients suffering from infarction will benefit from regular EMS training. Studies carried out by the North Rhine-Westphalia Heart Centre have proved its effectiveness. Specifically, this training only enables an effective metabolism through heightened exertion. Tip: Be aware of the associated contraindications!

Patients with pacemakers/defibrillators
Even today, some patients with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators are being deemed as unsuitable for therapy by EMS trainers themselves but they are incorrect. The range of indications for which a device should be implanted such as pacemakers, biventricular devices or AICDs has expanded to a large extent meaning that there are many more patients with cardiac insufficiency who can benefit from this form of training who would otherwise have been ruled out. Current expert opinion is that EMS training is not dangerous for wearers of pacemakers and other devices. This is due to the type and duration of the pulses created by EasyMotionSkin, which are not detected as ventricular fibrillation and thus will not cause a shock. They also do not interfere with the functioning of pacemakers or biventricular devices. This opinion can be supported by the fact that many patients with such devices have recently taken part in EMS training under clinically controlled conditions and upon submission of a written letter of consent. There was not a single case of a device worn by patients malfunctioning. Well-known manufacturers such as Medtronik® and Boston Scientific® are currently working on a declaration to have the use of EMS training on people wearing these devices officially approved. Tip: According to the latest findings, EMS training is harmless for people wearing pacemakers and other such devices. There are currently no official, legally-binding declarations from the manufacturers but they are expected soon. If you are unsure, wait a little before you make a decision.