Maintaining the muscular ‘corset’

Your whole body changes as you get older. It leads to a progressive decrease in muscle strength and a reduction in the active muscle profile. High levels of pain often (back, limbs) discourage people from participating in regular training which then increasingly reduces the mobility of the whole body. EMS training with EasyMotionSkin is an ideal alternative for this group, helping them keep their muscular ‘corset’ in top condition and further improve it. Significant strength gains are also evident in elderly exercisers. The targeted simultaneous training of agonists/antagonists does not involve painful pressure on the joints. The stimulation of low-lying muscle areas (e.g. intervertebral musculature) targets pain in the back and eliminates it permanently. Training is for everybody, regardless of age or level of fitness. Accordingly, EMS training with EasyMotionSkin now has a prominent role in age rehabilitation, and preventive medicine.