Anti-ageing effects

As people advance in years, progressive inactivity atrophy starts to affect important hormone-producing structures. These include the thyroid gland, adrenal cortex, the pancreas and the gonads. Consistent EMS training promotes hormone production in the glands and testosterone and growth hormones increase greatly. The ageing process can thus be slowed down using regular EMS training with EasyMotionSkin. This mostly occurs due to increased hormonal and enzymatic activity, which slows down cell degeneration processes. The effect on increasing libido is a side-effect of EMS training with EasyMotionSkin that is being documented more and more. Older gentlemen have reported improved circulation in their sexual organs and women experience an upsurge in libido. Both effects can be explained by the significantly increased circulation of the pelvic floor. Sexuality is still a hot issue for those with advancing years! Consulting with the patient on these issues is therefore important.