Planning EMS training – How often should you train?

People undergoing training often set themselves ambitious goals. A common desire is to achieve the goals in an even shorter time.

You should note the following: the first enzymatic changes (increase of creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)) occur immediately in the recommended training schedule (2-3x/week for 20-30 mins) and the effect increases the less well trained an individual is.

In some cases we saw that CK rose in some areas after 20 minutes of EMS training using EasyMotionSkin – results that are normally seen after running a marathon!

This can be problematic for untrained individuals in that kidney blockages can take a while before being noticed. Cellular changes (such as the increase of satellite cells in the muscle, increasing the number endurance-resistant muscle cells) commence after only 3 weeks of training.

After 6 weeks, many of the changes are complete and then there are structural changes to the musculature (hypertrophy and increased capillaries). These are all strongly accelerated processes.

EVEN HIGHER training intensity does not lead to an acceleration, but instead over strains the muscles with demise of individual myofibrils and the reduction of exercise tolerance. It has been established that special protein diets help support the training programme.