Weight and fat reduction

Weight loss and fat reduction are two of the most popular goals of training. Diets often only lead to temporary fat loss and then the ‘yo-yo’ effect kicks in where you end up heavier than before you started the diet.

EMS training using EasyMotionSkin follows a completely different approach: consistent training will build up muscle cells, which contain mitochondria – the power factories of the muscle cells. The more power factories there are, the higher the rate will be that the body burns energy, i.e. energy consumption at low activity levels will be increased AND basic metabolic rate. (Note: this is energy consumption when resting.) This means that the body will consume more energy even when you’re stationary. When coupled with normal eating habits, or even better, a reduction in calorie intake, the proportion of fat in the body will soon start to decrease. However, sometimes the muscles gained by subjects cancelled out the effects of fat reduction on their overall weight, but this was muscle mass not fat. Once these subjects were put on ‘fat scales’ (measuring fat distribution/muscle mass through impedance testing), the effects on fat levels were clearly visible. All in all, the customer/patient loses weight from EMS training via:
  • Increasing basic metabolic rate
  • Fat loss
  • Altered body image (increase in firmness, mental streamlining and, as a consequence, less food is consumed overall).

These effects are proven to be sustainable and reproducible.