Improving stimulation/massage effect

Increased blood circulation is an essential factor in human well being. The complexion sees a clear improvement, appearing smoother and firmer. One of the reasons is that the skin is better supplied with nutrients and the removal of toxic metabolic products is accelerated. Another is that lymph transport activity is increased in the lymphatic system.

An important additional effect: the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system through the skin sensors activates the internal organs. So, for example, digestive muscles and peristalsis will be encouraged by EMS training. Similarly, it can also lead to increased bleeding of the uterine wall. In individual cases this leads to an intensification of the menstrual period. However, we do not see menstruation as a contraindication for EMS training. Nevertheless, the trainee should be aware of this and make their own decision on whether to carry out training that particular week. But many female trainees do not miss their regular EMS training.